What Our Audiences Say:

  • Regarding The group in general
  • "We have enjoyed the variety of programmes put on by Amersham Concert Club, especially the Vaughan-Williams (Autumn 2022), it was so different"

    "Loved the Ellis Ensemble and Dominic Degavino"

    "We enjoy the very varied programmes. Really appreciated the efforts to rearrange the cello recital"

    "We loved to hear Alice Neary's cello playing, She and Viv McLean played together very well. Top quality music making".

    "The Ellis Ensemble were a highlight for us, great musicality and listening skills between the three musicians. Belinda Jones's piano playing was very sympathetic".

    "Viv McLean - piano recital. What a great concert! Lovely to have live music again and such a nice venue".


If you have enjoyed one of our concerts, please let us know. You can email us here