Information for Performers / Agents

Please note: our 2024 -2025 season has been finalised. Planning for 2025 - 2026 will begin in October.

The Club holds five chamber music concerts each winter, between September and March. Planning for the next season takes place between October and January and we  expect to finalise the season  by  February. Concerts take place on Saturday evenings and last for about 2 hours.

A season will usually feature a mix of solo artists and small groups, with possibly one small ensemble (5-6 players). The core of the preferred repertoire is 18th, 19th, and 20th century chamber music but we are very willing to consider programmes featuring new or relatively unknown pieces or unusual combinations of instruments, especially if the musicians will talk about the pieces or their instruments. We encourage all the musicians who play for us to engage with the audience as we believe this is a an important part of what makes Music Clubs attractive to their audiences.

Information about past seasons can be found in the Club's
archive pages

We are very happy to discuss possible engagements. Please Contact Jenny Faulkner: 07713158506,