Mozart and Mendelssohn - Musical Miracles

Echor Music, Saturday 30th September 2023

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Schubert String Trio No. 1 in B flat major, D 471
Mozart Clarinet Quintet in A major, K 581
Mendelssohn String Octet in E flat major, Op. 20

Our first concert of the season is brought to us by Echor Music.  This concert promises to be a special evening of chamber music to kick off our new season, featuring three works by some of the greatest composers of the classical era. The evening will begin with the Schubert string trio D471, a piece that showcases the intimacy and intricacy of the string ensemble. This work is marked by its delicate interplay between the violin, viola, and cello, with each instrument taking turns leading the melody and supporting the others.

Our second piece is the famous Mozart clarinet quintet, a masterpiece of chamber music that is widely regarded as one of the composer's greatest works. This piece features a solo clarinetist who interacts with a string quartet to create a lush, intricate sound that is both playful and profound. The piece's soaring melodies and virtuosic flourishes showcase Mozart's unparalleled skill as a composer and his ability to create music that is both technically complex and emotionally resonant.

The concert will culminate with the Mendelssohn string octet, a breathtaking work that highlights the power and beauty of the string ensemble. This piece is marked by its rich, layered sound, with eight musicians working together seamlessly to create a stunning tapestry of sound. The octet's driving rhythms and sweeping melodies evoke a sense of joy and celebration in the piece.


Echor Music is a ground-breaking new organisation that prides itself on uniting the extraordinary musicians of the Chilterns. Formed in the aftermath of the 2020 pandemic, the orchestra’s founders saw a unique opportunity to bring live music back to local audiences in a fresh way. By curating memorable programmes and using an opportunity to perform in unique venues, their wide range of concerts is programmed with the intent of keeping audiences on their toes. Their musicians are some of the most in-demand leaders and principals of  the UK’s top orchestras as well as members of some of the best string quartets around today.

This time Echor will be joined by some brilliant players to perform two of the most celebrated chamber music works in existence, Mozart's Clarinet Quintet and the extraordinary Mendelssohn Octet.
  • James Gilbert, Clarinet
  • Eva Thorarinsdottir, Violin
  • Natalie Klouda, Violin
  • Julian Azkoul, Violin
  • Alicia Berendse, Violin
  • Nicholas Bootiman, Viola
  • Triona Milne, Viola
  • Nathaniel Boyd, Cello
  • Clare O’Connell, Cello